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Stoner – The Incal // Solune

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Maztek’s amazing Subculture Records has been pumping out the finest in Italian drum & bass, dubstep and electro music since it was first launched back in 2005. A musician himself since the age of 13, Maztek has that innate knowledge of what makes great music, and brings only the best to Subculture. Subculture, just like the man who runs it, is known for its hard-hitting, dark styles, but can easily reach out to involve other sub-genres.

Crissy Criss “HARD”
Xtrah “sick!”
BTK – “The Incal is a dancefloor killer!”
Mindscape “wow sick tunes”

The label has to date featured releases from artists such as, N.phect, Future Signal, Proktah, Malsum and Sleeper Cell, and now it is the turn of Stoner, who brings to life The Incal and Solune.
The Incal is a unique, otherworldly piece of future tech-funk, taking you far into space, whirling you round the solar system and depositing you back far from where you started. Using a staged, deliberate set-up, Stoner then truly unleashes hell, with an almighty bass drop and all the artillery you’d expect from an intergalactic army. Expect no mercy from The Incal, because you’ll not receive any, this is full-on music for only the hardest clubs. Fiercely produced, this one shows off the talent which Stoner undoubtedly has.

Mind Vortex “Fucking Sick Tunes!!!!!!”
Optiv “Another great release from Subculture!”
AMC “Its because of music like this I think I might start just playing techy d&b lol. Thanks for sending, wicked tunes”

Solune is as sharp and dramatic as its predecessor, taking on a slightly more filmic feel in the intro, with some neat old skool snatches in the build, mellowed with some rolling synths. The lead-in has a housey edge, before the drop reveals some off-kilter madness. Things soon get back on the roll, and the beat is in pure headnodding territory. The track works on a number of levels, but if you take a step back, all the inner genius will be revealed. This is deep, very deep.
The Incal and Solune are essential pieces of music, without question. Maztek and Subculture continue to come up
with the goods, and in teaming up with Stoner, they are on to a very good thing. Get your copy now.

DJ Support Includes:
Crissy Criss, Maztek, Mind Vortex, Xtrah, Gremlinz, Hybrid
Minds, BTK, Optiv, Mindscape, Basher, June Miller, AMC,
Zreo Method, Mooth, Chef, Cause4Concern, Chris SU,
Billian, Zeds Dead, A-Sides, EastColors, Black Sun Empire,
Vapour, Disaszt, Ruffstuff, Amoss, Rene LaVice, Task
Horizon, John B, Teddy Killerz, D Minds, Phace, Doc Scott.

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