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SCULTDIG023 – Crimson – Computer Virus//Cannibal

SCULTDIG023 – Crimson – Computer Virus//Cannibal is out today

Beatport Exclusive:


RELEASE: 26th May 2014
Format: Digital – SCULTDIG023

The Subculture story just keeps on getting bigger. The Italian drum & bass, dubstep and electro label may be the co-creation of Maztek, but the label, and its releases, are making a name for themselves above and beyond its famous founder.

TC “very awesome!!” ANILE “Very subtle roller… warm sublines and punchy beats…great track!”!!” Empress “Mellow, flowing, deep…!” Teddy Killerz “Big up)”

The label reflects Maztek’s hard hitting, dark tech style, and with tracks from Adeh, Stoner, Hanzo&Randie and more, the sound has become recognisable, with grace, effort, and a resoundingly deep feel to it. Crimson are the latest act to join the label, after releases on BNC Express and Vinyl Related Records.
Computer Virus is a builder, rising from the ether to infect your very being. Deep, resonating bass notes accompany a frenetic beat, with well-placed samples over the top. Crimson use slinky, effecting synths to complete the picture, as the track develops and takes you in. Instructed to drop it down low, that’s all you can do, as the beats take over your soul, driving you on to skank it hard on the floor. Crimson inject the track with experience, balance, and a trailer load of funk. The world’ll seem a different place after the experience of Computer Virus, so get ready and dive right in.

BTK “Computer VIrus is wicked!”
Optiv “Nice Riff in Computer Virus, good stuff :)”
Mind Vortex “Wicked tunes”
Doc Scott “solid 12, will be playing ‘cannibal’ thanks”

Cannibal is a little less intense, rearing up from its intro, before wending its way through time and space, resulting in a smoother, more considered ride. The producers take a different approach to their art, filling in the track’s spaces with depth and beauty. The journey takes in stops at liquid drum & bass, but also
deep house and future techno. Filtered, flowing beats counteract with the rising bassline, evoking memories of past events with an equal eye to what’s coming.
Computer Virus and Cannibal show off two sides of Crimson’s personality, showing the power of the music to move, to inspire and to create brand new worlds. Seriously essential, make these tracks part of your life right now.

Rene LaVice “Both tunes are wicked. They’ve got a solid danceable groove to keep the crowd going and enough symphonic embellishment to satisfy any pair of headphones. High quality D&B work here”
Eastcolours “Sick release! Loving neuro vibes”
Maldini “sick” The Risky “Will be playing this on the Drum&BassArena podcast. BIGUP!”

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